Week 5th-11th September

4 September 2021

Week 5th-11th September

1.    CATECHISM IBRAG 2021-2022
Lessons will be held face to face in the Catechism Centre (not online).
The Catechism Year begins on 11th and 12th October – lessons are once a week from 5-6 pm; parents are to choose either Mondays (Maltese) or Tuesdays (English).

a)    First time Applicants:
1st Year (Holy Communion - date of birth 2015) and first-time applicants (children who never attended catechism at Tal-Ibra?): the GDPR form needs to be signed by both parents at the catechism centre on Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th September, 5-7pm. Parents need to hand in the baptism certificate of their children (to be issued from the parish where the baptism took place). If they live in another parish, they also require written permission from their parish priest; if they attended another catechism centre, attestation of attendance is needed.

b)    Registration for the children continuing catechism at tal-Ibra?:
For those children who attended catechism at tal-Ibrag in the past year/s: fill in the online application form posted on our Facebook page 'Parrocca Ibrag' or website 'Ibrag Parish'-click on 'Catechism' in the top menu.

c)    Important: Attendance for the catechism sessions is obligatory and unjustified absences will not be accepted.  Due to space limitations and Covid-related restrictions, the acceptance of the applications will be according to a first come-first served basis. Deadline: 7th September.

2.    Tuesday 7th September is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Legion of Mary.  To mark this event, members of the Legion of Mary will be reciting the Rosary in churches around Malta; at the Ibrag Parish they will recite the Rosary at 6pm.

3.    This weekend's special collection is in aid of the parish.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.