Week 19th - 25th September

17 September 2021

Week 19th - 25th September

19th to 25th September 2021

1.    This weekend's special collection is in aid of the Holy Land.

2.    Zak Malta (Zghazagh Azzjoni Kattolika) are forming a new youth group in our parish for teens born in 2009-2010. There are already another 2 youth groups catering for other age brackets in our parish.  Zak Malta is a professional youth organization run by professionally trained youth leaders running many youth groups in many localities in Malta. This is their official site: https://www.zakmalta.org. Those interested may contact Adam Bouhel (ZAK Ibrag Coordinator) – 99022030, Email: adam.bouhlel.17@gmail.com, or Klara Cachia (ZAK Ibrag Coordinator) – 79457135, Email: klara.cachia1@gmail.com

3.    On Sunday 3rd October at the 9.45 am, children are invited to bring their pencil cases/boxes for Fr James to bless, at the start of the scholastic year.  A memento of the occasion will be given to each child.