Week 9 - 15th August

7 August 2020

Week 9 - 15th August

9 th – 15 th August 2020b

1. A special collection for the parish is being held this weekend; the collection will all go
towards payment of electricity bills. As you know, collections are not being held
during Mass so we are appealing to your generosity. Please place your donation in
the red-lined basket near the main door.

2. A reminder about safety measures that have become increasingly important in
present circumstances. As many of you know, reports on the media have shown that
some virus cases were found in our area so it is important to be careful. The
directives of the ministry of health impose a 2m distance between persons who do not
live in the same household, as well as a maximum number of persons who can enter a
church, depending on its size. Seating on the church benches is according to these
guidelines and as guided by our ushers.
? The side benches at the front of the church are reserved for 1 person only, while
the middle benches (No 22-28) are for a maximum of 4 persons from the same
? Benches 15-21 are for 2 persons in the same household, plus 1 individual.
? There are notices fixed on benches indicating ‘Individual/Cluster/Couple’, to
ensure that this is clear to all.
? Red crosses indicate that those places are to remain empty.
Above all, we should remember that adhering to these measures is a sign of respect to
others. If we do not understand this, we may not understand the true mission of
Christians, that of loving each other and protecting life.

3. The next Cana course for engaged couples preparing for a Christian marriage, will
start on Saturday 10 th October, from 3.00 – 7.00 pm, and will continue for the
following five Saturdays.