Week 16th - 22nd September

14 September 2018

Week 16th - 22nd September


1. Registration for children for Catechism lessons will take place from Monday 17 September to Thursday 20 September, between 6.00 and 8.30 pm. Application forms may be collected from the Parish Secretariat corridor, or downloaded from Ibrag Parish website – News & Events – Catechism Forms.
• Because of the new privacy law known as GDPR, application forms must be signed by both parents or guardians on the day of registration, not necessarily at the same time. This law applies to all Catechism centres in Malta and Gozo. Previously signed application forms cannot be accepted on the day of registration. If it is difficult for parents to attend during the above times, they may make arrangements with the Parish Priest to sign the form in front of him at another time.
• Parents registering their children (for the first time) in Years 2 –6 must also attach an attendance certificate for the previous years.
• Children who live in another parish (not Ibrag) must bring with them permission from their parish priest, before registering for Catechism in our parish.
• Those registering for the first time must also present a baptism certificate obtained from the parish where the baptism took place.
• Those children living in our parish who will be attending Catechism lessons in private schools also need a permit from the Parish Priest, in order for them to register with the school.

2. The Sunday Mass for Children and their families will recommence on Sunday, 23rd September at 9.45 am. Children are encouraged to sit at the front of the church, so that they can better participate and follow the homily especially adapted for them. Next Sunday, all children are invited to bring their school pencil box to be blessed at the start of the scholastic year.

3. The winner of the Sponsors Club for August is No. 612.

4. On Monday, 1st October, a course entitled “The Gift – a life in the Spirit”, will commence at 7.15 pm, in the Parish Church Hall. The course will run for six consecutive Mondays. More information is on the notice board.

5. The meetings of the Mother & Baby Club will start again on Tuesday, 2nd October.

6. The Institute for Pastoral Formation is offering 13 courses leading to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, prayer, spirituality and and other aspects of our faith. Further information on the noticeboard.