Week 22nd - 28th November

21 November 2020

Week 22nd - 28th November

22nd – 28th November 2020

1. On Sunday 29th November, we will celebrate the day of prayer and help for the Holy Land. We appeal to all to offer their prayers for our brethren who live there, and to enlighten and guide those who can work for peace in the Holy Land.

2.We can also help our brethren materially through this weekend’s special collection. Please be generous. Your donations will help to keep religious places open and help our brethren in the Holy Land, who are going through great difficulty because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. The Tal-Ibra? Parish would like to invite all English-speaking students and overseas residents for an online spiritual reflection. If you are interested and would like to know more, please meet Fr Blake or Fr James after mass.