Week 24th - 30th January

23 January 2021

Week 24th - 30th January

24th – 30th January 2021

1. Sunday 24th January is dedicated to the Word of God. There are leaflets near the church door which will help those who wish to grow in faith and learning on this aspect. Those who wish to have the leaflet sent to them by email are to request the parish priest.

2. Catholic Action has been informed that an unathorised person is trying to obtain funds from households or selling tickets. Nobody has been authorised to do this. If one wishes to make a donation to Catholic Action, please send a cheque or bank transfer – details are on their website and the notice board.

3. Applications for entry into Church Schools will be accepted from 29th January. Applications and further information are available on the website www.knisja.mt

4. A reminder that applications for the Sponsor Club can be collected from near the church door.