Week 31st March - 6th April

30 March 2019

Week 31st March - 6th April

1. On Friday, 5th April, there will be another prayer meeting on the Word of God, in the parish hall, from 7.00 – 7.45 pm. All are cordially invited to attend.

2. Week of Sacrifice: A special collection box will be in the church during the week 12th – 19th April (Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows to Good Friday), to collect funds for the Social Assistance Secretariat of the Catholic Action. This is the only yearly collection for this worthy cause, which helps many of our brethren in need. Please be generous.

3. The morning Lenten Sermons in our parish will continue after the 8.00 Mass, on Thursday 4 & 11 April, led by Mons Victor Grech. Recordings of both evening and morning Lenten Sermons are available on the Ibrag Parish website.

4. A prayer meeting will be held at the Ibrag parish hall (on the side of the Church in Kwarta Street) on Wednesday 10th April at 7.15pm. The meeting will be in English and all English-speaking persons are invited, especially non-Maltese residents and students studying in Malta. The prayer meeting will be followed by light refreshments. More information is on the notice boards. Those interested are to contact the parish priest.

5. The next Cana course in preparation for Christian marriage will commence on Saturday 11 May, 3.00 – 7.00 pm, for 5 consecutive Saturdays, in the Ibrag Parish Centre.

6. Last weekend’s special collection for the Seminary amounted to €4,500. We thank you all for your generosity.